Drag Reducing Agent

pipeline booster


A Drag Reducing Agent (DRA), alternatively known as a Flow Improver or Pipeline Booster, can dramatically increase your pipleline flow rate or be used as a drag reducer to decrease friction in the pipeline, reducing energy costs.

DRA is essentially an anti-turbulent polymer chemical that when injected into a pipeline (where the fluid is turbulent) can modify the flow behaviour by reducing the frictional pressure drop along the pipeline length (acting as a Drag Reducer) or where capacity permits, can serve as a pipeline booster.

Essentially it acts as a flow improver to pipelines that have the capacity to provide an increase in flow (using the same amount of energy) resulting in a much higher throughput, or alternatively where the pipeline is already at maximum capacity, it can maintain the same flow rate whilst using considerably less energy. 

Key Features

  • Increase pipeline throughput
  • Anti-turbulent polymer
  • Reduce oil tanker demurrage
  • Reduce energy of pump stations
  • Reduce pipeline flow friction
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Avoid building new pipelines
  • Bypass MOL pump stations
  • Reduce operating pressure
  • Save on energy costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase transportation time
  • Reduce pipeline drag up to 80%
  • Reduce consumption costs
  • Avoid pipeline shut down
  • Increase throughput up to 100%

pipeline friction reducer & output booster

designed and tested for increased throughput & maximum energy savings

Suitable for both On-shore and Off-shore pipelines

Dosing range: 20 – 100 PPM

Dosing should be directly into the turbulent oil stream after

each pumping station

The product is not classified as dangerous for the environment

Safe to use – Non-flammable

Safe for transport, no restrictions

How does it work

The active ingredient the Drag Reducing Agent is an ultra-high molecular weight linear poly-alpha-olefin. When DRA dissolves into the pipeline, the polymer molecules begin to uncoil and outspread as they interact with the pipeline flow. This interaction is complex; the long chain molecules dampen turbulent bursts near the pipe wall as if they were acting as tiny shock buffers.

DRA is usually injected into a pipeline just at the discharge side of the mainline pump, where a positive displacement pump capable of surpassing the line pressure is used to inject DRA into the pipeline. It will only work in turbulent flow regimes; they do not coat the pipeline wall, modify the fluid viscosity or have any chemical reaction with the oil. 

Applications include:

  • Crude Oil Pipelines - Including Heavy Crudes and High Water Cuts
  • FSO - Loading Lines - also Tanker loading/offloading
  • Refined Fuels Pipelines - Dedicated and Batched lines - Gasoline, Diesels, Heating Fuels etc.
  • Multi-Phase lines - Well Head flow lines and main trunk line applications increasing flow rates in Oil and Gas phases

reduce turbulent friction

avoid building costly new pipelines

maximize existing infrastructure

reduce the number of pump stations

increase pipeline throughput


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reduce energy consumption up to 80%

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