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This specially developed OTR TYRE HANDLER is revolutionary in its field, using a unique and very effective 3-point gripping system to ensure safe handling and manipulation of large and expensive OTR tyres & wheels. Ideal for open pit mines, construction sites, tyre manufacturers, tyre service and tyre storage companies.

Can be fitted on to forklifts, front loaders, telehandlers and truck cranes. FEM IV/V, Terminal Vest & loader attachments available, as well as additional attachment tools for handling rings.

Weight: 3,000 kg

Key Features

  • Unique 3-point grip
  • Substantial time savings
  • Compact design, better visability
  • Horizontal and vertical handling
  • Safety without compromise
  • Tilt function 90°
  • Tools for handling rings & rims
  • Precise rotation +/-25°
  • Prevents damage to tyres & rims
  • More precise handling
  • Telescopic pipes for long reach
  • Integrated IR-camera system
  • Handles up to 51" OTR/EM tyres
  • Improved operator safety
  • Avoids tyre deformation
  • Efficient handling manipulation

Efficient handling for less downtime

designed and tested for safe handling of 25" to 51" tyres and wheels

Unique and safe 3-point grip

Centerplaced Integrated IR-camera system

Precise rotation +/-25°

Tilt function 90°, horizontal to vertical

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With a gripping range of Ø3.100 mm (122”) and a lifting capacity of 4 ton (8.800 lbs) at a CoG of 600 mm (23,6”), the Easy Gripper handles tyres up to 33.00R51.

When handling full wheel assemblies as inside duals, the Gripper can handle up to 27.00R49 tyres.

special tools and attachments

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