more accurate measurement

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Specially designed for more accurate measurement reading of Mining and Construction OTR tyres, with the use of a Patented in-line micro-filter, the OTR tyre pressure gauge will ensure your tyres are kept to the precise and correct air pressure as recommended by the tyre manufacturer specifications. 

patented filtration

In-line micro-filter

Patented technology – made in USA

Filters water, oil, dust, rust and other debris

Extra tough housing material, shock and vibration protection

Key Features

  • accurate 10 bar (145 psi) gauge
  • gauge housing protection
  • designed for OTR valves
  • ergonomic design, easy to use
  • tough and compact design
  • glycerin liquid-filled gauge
  • Patented in-line micro-filter
  • filters water, oil, dirt, rust debris

designed and tested for better accuracy

heavy duty design

comfortable to handle

more accurate measurement

protection against temperature fluctuations

Additional Benefits

  • Patented filter - made in USA
  • Easy for operators to handle
  • 1/4" female OTR nozzle
  • extra tough housing material
  • highly calibrated gauge
  • Reduce tyre wear and damage
  • high hose capacity (20 bar)
  • Reduce vehicle downtime

faster - safer - easier

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