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What is OKO

OKO prides itself as being the world’s first and leading manufacturer of advanced anti-puncture tyre sealants available. Now established for over 41 years, its accumulated knowledge, global sales, technical know-how and production experience has made it the world’s leader and no.1 choice for proven puncture protection.

OKO is an environmentally safe solution that comprises of specially treated materials of the highest grade, that have been specially formulated to perform and function in the most extreme conditions and harshest of environments. OKO can help deal with air loss and puncture problems of a tyre by providing a permanent seal to any hole or leakage in the tread and shoulder area.

How does it work

OKO is injected into the tyre BEFORE a puncture occurs and once installed, the viscous liquid remains in a pool at the base of the tyre. Given the motion of a revolving tyre, the centrifugal forces distribute OKO around the inner circumference providing a protective layer and coating against any punctures or leakages that may occur. When the tyre is punctured, air pressure forces OKO into the hole and compresses to form a strong, instantaneous and permanent airtight seal. OKO stays inside the tyre, ready to seal further holes and leakages as and when they occur, on a multiple basis.

In a sealed environment, OKO will always remain as a stable solution and will not disintegrate or precipitate. Its coolant additive significantly enhances the absorption of heat, lowering the temperature of the hull, which can help increase the working life of a tyre.

Product Range


Suitable for OTR Earthmoving and Construction vehicles

On-road RTG

Suitable for On-Road fast moving Trucks and Trailers


Suitable for 4x4 and SUV vehicles


Pneumatic and Manual pumps

OKO is military approved

As used by the UK Ministry of Defence and UN Agencies

N.A.T.O military forces (OKO approved product no. NSN 8030-99-242-9020)

S.E.A.T.O military forces (OKO approved product no. M80Z 8030-66-103-8877)

OKO now has over 40+ years of military use ‘in the field’

Key Features

  • Pre-Puncture tyre sealant
  • Multiple sealing capability
  • Seals punctures as you drive
  • Non-Combustible
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Seals hidden cracks & leakages
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Anti-Corrosive rust inhibitor
  • Coolant reduces overheating
  • Safe - no damage to tyre or rims
  • Biodegradable
  • Can seal up to 30mm punctures
  • Preventative solution
  • Working temp. -40°C to +60°C
  • Increases life of tyre

oko can help eliminate these common issues

designed and tested for extreme puncture protection

permanently seals up to 30 mm punctures

multiple sealing capability

tested for extreme environments and terrains

seals punctures and leakages as you drive

Additional Benefits

  • Reduce heat resistance
  • Maintain tyre pressure
  • Seal punctures and cuts
  • Stop leakages from rim & o-ring
  • Eliminate slow deflation
  • Seal escape of air from pores
  • Reduce tyre layer separation
  • Seal tyre cracks and splits
  • Make the tyre run cooler
  • Stop tyre bulges and blisters
  • Reduce leakages from the valve
  • Protect rim from corrosion

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