OKO application PUMPS

manual & Pneumatic

Manual Pump

Application made easy

An all-alloy construction, with improved and durable design. The adjustable high-dosage application pump fits easily on to the threaded opening of the OKO tyre sealant drums.

The single handed pump is designed to dispense up to 250ml per stroke (or smaller doses in 50ml marked steps) which equates to 4 strokes per litre for larger installations. Comfortably pumps against high air pressure resistance of up to 60 psi/ 4.1 bar

Key Features

  • Pre-assembled pump
  • High air pressure resistance
  • Resists up to 60 psi/ 4.1 bar
  • Drip-free delivery
  • Freedom from rusting
  • Adjustable collar and shaft
  • exact calibrated delivery
  • Includes application hose
  • All-aluminium construction
  • Durable and robust
  • Easy to use
  • Includes tyre valve connector
  • High delivery capacity
  • dispenses 250 ml per stroke
  • High strength
  • Heavy-duty clip/on valve nozzle

OKO Pumps - makes hard work look easy

easy injection into the valve core

pre-assembled pump, easy to use

pump resistance up to 60 psi (4.1 bar)

dispenses 250 ml per stroke

includes application hose & valve connector

for more info and data sheet, please contact us


Instructions for use:

Screw the OKO application pump to the top of the drum (the pump replaces the cap). Remove the valve core and clip on the nozzle end of the drum hose with the tap closed. Charge the hose fully with OKO. Open the tap when you are ready to start injecting the sealant.

With the high pressure OKO pump the OKO sealant may be inserted against tyre pressure of up to approx. 80 psi: and each full stroke of the pump will apply 250ml (for smaller amounts unscrew and adjust the collar along the shaft, then tighten at the desired place) .

Check the label on the drum for the quantity of OKO required. The drum label contains a comprehensive list of the popular tyre sizes and the required amount of OKO is listed next to the tyre size. For the very high pressure tyres, reduce the pressure gently until the pumping action becomes easy.

Having applied the correct dose of OKO, close the nozzle tap, unclip the nozzle and replace the valve core immediately. It is recommended that after every use the application pump is washed clean by priming the pump whilst the hose is dipped in water. Inflate the tyre up to normal pressure. The tyre will now be protected.

designed and tested for durability and performance

heavy duty clip/on valves for both On-Road and OTR fittings

adjustable collar and shaft

exact calibrated delivery to tyre

recommended to immediately clean/wash after use

Pneumatic Pump


A strong and durable construction that utilizes a highly practical yet effective design, the Pneumatic pump significantly speeds up the application and installation time of OKO to any tyre.

The Pneumatic pump is therefore the ideal choice of operators as the optimal solution for injecting multiple or larger tyres with OKO.

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